Web Development: Film Distribution


- Business & Technology Consulting
- Custom Management Systems
- Full Cycle Product Development
- Legacy Application Migration
- Database Development
- Technical Support
- Appointment Management Systems
- Custom Quotation and Ordering Systems
- Procurement & Fulfillment Inventory Systems
- Asset Management Systems
- Integrated Portal Solutions
- E-Commerce


- Firewall arrays
- Web server clusters
- Database server clusters
- Active / Active SAN
- Proactive monitoring
- On Site Backup Generator


- Facebook Promotions
- eBook Creation & Hosting
- MailChimp Campaign Management
- Postal Code Directories
- Geo-coding Software
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We take the time to discuss your needs and learn your business so we can take care of the technical details while you focus on your business goals.

We build custom online applications for the film distribution industry. We have industry experience building Film Acquisition, Marketing and Distribution management software for leading distribution companies.


- Booking Contracts, Contacts & Terms management
- KDM & Courier management
- Manage Holdovers, Crossovers & Finals
- Integrate with Rentrak (Comscore), Rightsline, Technicolor & Deluxe
- Rentrak Flash Data Imports
- Actual Sales Data Collection
- Alerts for: Missing Information, Incorrect Selections, Payment Flags, Missing Actuals & Notes
- Manage booking types such as Revenue & Non-Revenue Generating / Standard, Festival, Group Sales, Private, Calendar House etc.
- Double check screen & format compatibility
- Custom importation for Titles & Theatres
- Fully customizable, easily add new options when needed (i.e. Booking Types, Exhibitors, Formats, Bookers, etc.)
- Track costs (VPF + Other) against revenue to determine profits
- VPF / Theatre management
- Powerful search and filter options with easy access to historical data
- Pre-sales marketing module
- Gross / Net toggle


- Home Entertainment & Theatrical Asset management
- Theatrical, DVD, TV & TV Series
- Film Acquisition, Marketing, and Distribution info management
- Manage Rights & Release Dates (Can & US) and other dates (i.e. Pre-order, Announce Date, etc.)
- Artwork deadlines & Packaging details (BOM, Cases, Stickers, etc.)
- DLT Replicating & Approval tracking
- Versioning & Dub management (including Translator & Voice Director etc.)
- Contact management
- Track Language options including Audio & Subtitles (Per CC, DVS, SDH)
- Format Version management including Format, Language, DCP Type, Audio, Accessibility Files, Version, UUID/CTT & Hard Drive
- Manage files such as Publicity Stills, Poster Art, Box Art, Press Notes, Press Release, Legal Lines, Title Treatment and Other Existing Assets
- Film details & marketing info such as Run Time, Genre, Ratings, Synopsis (Eng/Fre), Short Synopsis, Director, Cast, Writer, Producer, Legal Lines & Trailers


- Fine tune user access based on needs and requirements
- Facebook cross-promotion contest creation and management
- Facebook App configuration
- Advance screening tickets
- Online promotion creation and management
- Unique pin code creation and management